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Bikers are known for their love of freedom, open air, and love of motorcycles. Bikers and leather sometime seem inseparable and there is no better gift to give a biker than biker jewelry. Biker jewelry includes sterling silver, leather, 14 karat gold and a variety of items. Many people consider bikers to be a tough group of people, and biker jewelry plays a very important role in their look and appearance. Most bikers prefer leather, and some biker jewelry consists of leather adornments. Belt buckles are also a popular choice of biker jewelry for men.

Some of the most traditional items in biker jewelry include skulls, snakes, crosses, motorcycles, American Eagles, gears, stars, and chains. The majority of biker jewelry tends to be sterling silver. This type of metal compliments the look and feel of most bikes. Men can find a numerous assortment of rings bearing biker images and most men's biker jewelry is created to look strong and tough. Many bikers choose to wear embellished belt buckles. There are a variety of belt buckles available for bikers to choose from. Another choice when giving biker gifts are biker chokers. These chokers are made from durable rubber and usually have sterling silver embellishments. They have a great look and feel to them.

Many biker women prefer jewelry as well. Leather is often the preferred material and leather boots, vests, and jackets can all be accessorized with various biker icons and images. Sterling silver boot clips can dress up any pair of leather boots. Many women wear sterling silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings as well. One very cool look is the leather-studded cuffs and collars preferred by many biker women. These look tough and chic and complete every leather outfit imaginable. Cowrie shell is a popular item typically utilized in biker jewelry and fashion. No matter whether giving gifts to men or women, you are sure to find the perfect gift for every biker.

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