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Everyone loves to wear jewelry. Costume jewelry is a popular choice because it is colorful, fun, jazzy, and most of all, inexpensive. Costume jewelry is jewelry that is fashioned from inexpensive materials. Cheap plastics, synthetic and imitation gemstones, glass, crystals, and inexpensive base metal compose the ingredients used to fashion costume jewelry. Costume jewelry received its name from the theater and the making of costumes and using fake gemstones in the costumes.

Costumes weren't designed with expensive and rich jewels but they used the best fake materials they could find and created imitations and replicas of some of the most expensive jewels available. It is very easy to purchase costume jewelry and you can find it available in a variety of stores, as well as online.

Because costume jewelry is inexpensive the demand is high. People have been wearing costume jewelry for centuries, and the older pieces are considered antiques or vintage costume jewelry. In fact, many people become collectors of vintage costume jewelry and are willing to pay expensive amounts to add certain pieces to their collections.

You can purchase costume jewelry in an array of looks, styles, and fashioned out of many different materials. Some costume jewelry uses sterling silver and artificial gemstones- while others such as tiaras are fashioned out of cheap metal and sprinkled with rhinestones. No matter what your personal style or preference, you are sure to find costume jewelry that will complete your ensemble.

You can find costume jewelry in all types of styles including ethnic, beaded, art deco, holiday, and even religious jewelry. Because of the affordability, many people can purchase costume jewelry to compliment all of their favorite outfits. These pieces range from bracelets, necklaces, rings, pins, and watches. Costume jewelry is a wonderful way for people who don't have thousands of dollars to spend on higher quality jewels to adorn themselves with jewelry that makes them

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