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Dog jewelry ranges from dog collars to personalized bracelets, necklaces, and id tags. Many people prefer elaborate dog collars compared to traditional simple and plain collars. This type of dog jewelry can be very expensive and is purchased according to budget. Some wealthy people prefer to buy dog jewelry fashioned out of pure gold and enhanced with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, while others are content with inexpensive metals and imitation gemstones. No matter what the expense, people love their dogs and many choose to show this love by adorning their pets with dog jewelry.

Dog jewelry such as collars can come in an array of fashionable looks. The leather collar is a very popular choice, as is the snakeskin or alligator skin look. Dog collars may be studded, spiked, or sprinkled with rhinestones.

Some choose to lavish expensive dog jewelry gifts on their favorite pooch. It is not uncommon for dog jewelry such as 14 karat gold necklaces, a string of pearls, even a necklace of diamonds to grace the necks of beloved dogs.

When choosing dog jewelry such as necklaces, a simple rule is to choose the size comparable with the dog's collar. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Some items don't use metal at all but are created out of materials and various fabrics.

Along with dog jewelry, some pet owners also prefer to let their dogs wear clothing such as booties, sweaters, and like to adorn their dog's fur with ribbons and bows.
No matter what your preference is in dog fashion or jewelry, you must always make sure that the items you purchase are chew proof and don't contain any toxic materials. Dogs are well known for chewing and gnawing at their adornments and you need to take extra care to prevent your dog from unraveling fabric or breaking apart little pieces of jewelry that

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