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.: Estate Jewelry :.

The true definition of estate jewelry is jewelry that has been previously owned. Many people purchase estate jewelry at auctions, or estate sales. Estate sales take place after someone has deceased, but not all estate jewelry is acquired this way. Because the majority of estate jewelry was the possession of someone recently deceased, much of estate jewelry is antique or vintage. Thought this isn't true in every case.

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Estate sales or auctions are widely known for their terrific values. Incredible deals and great pieces rarely found on the market are available by purchasing at an estate sale. You can find jewelry of all makes, designs, genres, and shapes at estate sales.

Estate jewelry is a wonderful option for people who collect antiques, sell antiques, or just want to add the perfect piece of jewelry to their collection.

One of a kind antique jewelry that is rare to find, can be found through estate sales. A business that specializes in estate sales will usually have the sale for 3-4 days. The business acquires the goods, and makes a percentage off of the sales. The sale is typically held as an auction. Because most of the items in estate sales are antiques, estate sales are like gold mines to antique dealers and collectors.

Sometimes, you can find estate sales advertised in the newspaper. This will give you information such as time and location. Some companies that deal and specialize in estate sales are businesses and are known as estate services or agents. You can check with your local directory to find estate services near you. They will also notify you when a new estate sale is scheduled to take place.

There is no better way to purchase antiques, collectible, and vintage jewelry then purchasing estate jewelry, especially through an estate