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Many pieces of jewelry are passed down from generation to generation. These heirloom family jewelry pieces can become quite valuable as time goes by. It has been a long time tradition to pass down certain items of family jewelry from mother to daughter, and as the family grows and the treasured gifts are passed, not only does their value increase but their sentimental worth increases as well.

Family jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings are a wonderful gift for the soon to be bride. Rings of this nature may be antiques depending on when they were first crafted and the gift symbolizes the beauty and strength of the women in a family as they inherit this family jewelry. In fact, many mothers have their daughter's jewelry planned for them way before the wedding ceremony. They know that they will give the family jewelry to their daughters as their mothers did for them.

Family jewelry may also include jewelry designed for a baby. Many heirloom baby bracelets, rings, and necklaces, have also stood the test of time, and have become family heirlooms. These jewelry pieces may complete a baby christening or dedication, and for many, the ceremony would not be complete if these jewelry heirlooms were not included.

It is always a good choice to have family jewelry appraised and have records kept of how much the jewelry is worth. As years go by, the jewelry will increase in value, provided that it is kept in the best condition possible, and it is good to know how much a particular piece is worth.

You may also want to consider insuring your family jewelry. Although many items are valued more in sentiment than dollars and cents, insuring your items will protect your monetarily if something unexpected

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