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Women have been adorning their hair with various types of hair jewelry for thousands of year. The ancient Egyptians were famous for their various headdresses, and richly ornamented pieces of hair jewelry. These practices varied in style but were seen in Ancient Greece, early Native American peoples, and with the early Romans.

Today, hair jewelry has evolved and there are countless different pieces that are designed to adorn today's hairstyles and trends. From decorative hair jewelry for ponytails, to diamond studded headbands, there are enough hair jewelry products to meet every consumers needs.

Some people prefer hair jewelry such as rhinestone bobby pins, or bobby pins decorated with other forms of imitation gemstones. Some of this type of hair jewelry can include decorative and elaborate embellishments attached to the end of the Bobby pin. These are suitable choices of hair jewelry when wearing your hair in an upswept style, such as buns, French twists, or creative braids.

For a more secure hold, hair jewelry such as accessorized barrettes may be the best choice. These types of barrettes can vary from the heavily diamond studded look to the more natural choice of beads or shells. Barrettes can give a beautiful look while providing more strength and can be used by themselves to pull the hair back, away from the face, or as fasteners at the end of French twists or braids. A good tip is to first secure the braid with a ponytail fastener and then clip on the hair jewelry, over the ponytail holder. This will ensure that your braid will be firmly secured and that your hair jewelry will not be "depended" upon for holding the braid in place.

Many women prefer hair jewelry for special occasions such as proms, weddings, or holiday events. Another beautiful use for hair jewelry are bun covers. To wear this style, first put your hair in a ponytail, then twist it until it coils into a bun, then adorn the bun with a jeweled bun cover, these are circular and are placed over the bun, then are held in place with decorative sticks that insert through the bun cover, under the hair, and through the other side of the

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