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Hip hop jewelry is well known for its flash, pizzazz, and bling bling. Some of the newest and most favorite trends in Hip Hop jewelry include LED belt buckles, fifty-cent jewelry, iced out platinum, dog tags, chains, rings, and watches. Hip Hop jewelry is big, sparkles, and can't be noticed. It is jewelry that makes a statement that says, I am here, I have lots of bling, and you can't miss me.

Hip Hop jewelry is an extension of Hip Hop fashion, derived from the thriving Hip Hop culture. During the late 70's Hip Hop began its grand debut in the heart of New York City. Filled with DJ's, break dancing, and rap, Hip Hop was very popular among urban African American and Latino teens.

Some of the elements of Hip Hop fashion were established during the early years. The pioneers of Hip Hop music do not only characterize "Old School Hip Hop" by its music, but also by the original fashion statements made during these early beginnings.

Gold chains, Adidas sneakers, high tops and fades were to be seen on all Hip Hop fans. Many of the Hip Hop jewelry that is common today had its start with Old School Hip Hop.

As Gangsta Rap began to spread, so did its influence on fashion trends. Modeled after prison garb, the styles such as "housing" and "military fatigues" were symbols of Gangsta rap. Gold teeth began to emerge as well as the slow replacement of gold with platinum.

Silver, Platinum, bling bling was everywhere. Current Hip Hop fashion trends show money, power, and bling bling is the equivalent to high-powered status.

Today, not only is Hip Hop jewelry blinging, but it still shows a strong affection for wealth and power. Symbols such as Platinum dollar signs, pistols, and machine guns are iced out with diamonds

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