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Nipple jewelry is available at many stores, but have you ever wondered when people first began to wear nipple jewelry? It appears that this is a latest trend in body piercing, but in fact it is believed that nipple piercing is an ancient art.

It is suggested that the ancient Roman Centurion soldiers identified their bravery by piercing their nipples and wearing nipple jewelry such as nipple rings. It is also believed that women in the Victorian era were piercing their nipples in an effort to increase their nipple size.

Today nipple piercing has become an art practiced by both male and females alike. Most nipple piercings are performed behind the areola and move horizontally across the nipple.

No matter what the origins, nipple piercing has become a steady fashion trend. It does take some time however for the nipple to heal after the initial piercing. For some women, a time frame of six months for complete healing is reasonable. Men typically heal faster then women. Options abound in nipple jewelry and surgical steel is the material frequently used for nipple jewelry. However, it isn't recommended for the newly pierced nipple. Wait until the piercing is completely healed before wearing surgical steel nipple jewelry.

Here are some typical examples of nipple jewelry. Surgical steel ball rings close and can be adorned with a colorful and decorative clasp. Nipple discs are round surgical steel discs that allow the nipple to poke through the center. Surgical Steel nipple shields have a horizontal closure then circle the nipple with a decorative and artistic image. Nipple shields are very popular. Nipple Rounders are designed to slide over the nipple while they are held in place with the stud that goes through the piercing. They accentuate large nipples. Nipple Clamps are suitable for both pierced and non-pierced nipples. They have screws that hold the clamp in place over the nipple.

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